Just joined Minds!

After some long consideration I’ve decided to migrate away from Facebook and Instagram. I’ll still be posting show updates and event invites from the two.


In recent times I’ve grown averse to the platforms increasingly poor and immoral treatment of people in general. Usually that’s enough for people to go, “yeah Matt, I get that” but if you’re not sure why facebook could ever be thought of as evil, just go do some research. Dont get me wrong its a powerful tool, but they no longer work for the users benefit. Plus as a musician i only have the ability to reach 5% of my following unless I pay for advertising. Don’t know who needs to hear this, but musicians don’t make a lot of money, and weeks worth of advertising ends up taking a big chunk of profits. I also want assurances that my digital identity and media aren’t being sold and tracked and that my opinions are not being swayed and influenced in the background by any sort of algorithmic presentation of data.

So what else is there? FB and Insta ARE social media… and the newer alternatives arent any better, everyone sells and tracks all of our information, whats the big deal?

In the beginning of the internet everything was separate, and people connected to each other directly. Ideally that is the only way a free internet could work. However, over time large portions of the internet were developed by gigantic money making information collectors. Most of these consist of expensive, central servers that everyone(as long as they pay, via their private info, or actual money) can connect to, to access any information that server will allow. This has caused a huge split in internet society(and in fact real society), between the “have-an-expensive-cloud-server-people” and the “have-only-expensive-broken-debt-phones-people”. More recently, the centralized parts of the internet have gotten so big, that have decided that they no longer want everyone to be able to benefit from their information anymore. That type of controlled access of information is the “Big Deal” in question. I could go on but alas, go look it up. If your still in the dark about what I’m saying, you can shoot me an email and I’m more that willing to have that conversation. Consequently, we the end user people, have to either suck it up and accept that we’ll never have the full story of day to day life, and default our knowledge of modern society to the whims of some over-developed, corporate, money-making, society-shaping, artificially intelligent, algorithm, OR, seek our own truth.

Now, In searching for decentralized(any processes that use multiple avenues of connecting, instead of a single connecting body, IE fb) alternatives, I came across Minds.com and the Minds app. It uses blockchain tokens to log user activity as work to create the tokens and then users can spend the tokens within the app to reach any type of audience, including your own. not only can you use the tokens, but you can actually do virtual tipping and payments, using USD, crypto, or anything else, privately between users. You(the user) are also afforded and returned the responsibility to manage your own data, if you choose, instead of a central authority on some distant cloud server.

I’ll be posting more on my website too on the subject of tech alternatives as I plan on decentralizing as much of my online and music activity as possible.

Stay Free
-Matthew Key


If you want to Join minds too use this link and attach a wallet and we both receive free tokens:

New pseudo-studio set up!

Here’s me testing it out with a Billie cover!

live performances to come!

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