Matthew Key Is a New American Folk singer and songwriter out of Northeast Texas. He shares audible images of real passed struggles, and empathetic stories of life and love. He has a soulful, independent approach to life, and his music is exactly a reflection of that. He’s been independently creating and performing music since 2007.

From when he was seven years old, in the childrens choir at church, Matthew was destined to be a great singer. He learned to play guitar in his teens just so that he could sing out on his own with it. After going from living in a motel, to traveling Texas with a song in his heart, to settling down to raise a family, Matthew described his struggle to get where he is by saying: “God gave me music, and music always got me through… I hope that the music I do, can somehow pay forward what music did for me by helping someone get passed their own life struggles and come out on top.”

His unique americana sound can be understood by knowing the musical roots of his life. From the church, to a dive bar playing for beer, from a back pasture party, to a back alley busking, he would surround himself with music or seek it out. With inspiration drawn from musical greats like Damien Rice, John Prine, John Lennon, The Black Keys, Dr. Dog, and Manchester Orchestra just to name a few, he brings a peaceful rambunctiousness, and a passionate soul to what he calls “New American Folk” music. It’s a musical tapestry of lifes most ponient moments, memories, and dreams, interwoven with dynamic rythms and powerful vocals that are captivating to experience.

Today Matthew is working on several new original recordings, as well as performing live all across the south. He has also teamed up with “Hitting the Streets Podcast” to help new upcoming local singers and artists in the north Texas area develop their craft and connect with venues and other artists.

“When i was a boy I learned the power of music through the power of God. I believe that God is love, and music is the universal language of that love. Just like music, love can be creative and destructive. Through a series of vibrations, for just a few moments time, music can silence a crowd, or invite celebration. It can bring souls together without even a word spoken, or it can bring a world of knowledge without a single instrument. It can spring the most beautiful joys, or tear the soul apart with a single note.”

– Matthew Key